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Wagamama | New Autumn Menu

Nikko Curry Wagamama

Wagamama are delighted to announce the launch of their delicious autumn menu, it is the season for comforting food that warms up both the body + soul and their new Nikko curry does exactly that!

Nikko means “sunshine” in Japanese therefore they are trying to bring a bit of light into people’s lives as we head into the colder seasons.  It is warming but not too heavy and curry but not as you know it.

Vegetable tempura

New vegetable tempura (vg) will be their new vegan addition that is light yet crisp and full of flavour.

Crispy-fried tenderstem broccoli, red pepper, sweet potato, asparagus + wakame, all served with an irresistible sweet + sour dipping sauce

Chicken Yakitori

New chicken yakitori is a Japanese street food – ‘yakitori’ means ‘grilled chicken’ in Japan and is traditionally served on skewers

Chicken yakitori skewers are marinated with spicy teriyaki sauce, shichimi + spring onion – a perfect, simple balance

Chicken Yakitori