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Wagamama | Festive thank you

Wagamama | Gunwharf Quays

Throughout December in Japan, humble gifts like rice or beer are gifted as a way of saying ‘thanks for your help this year’. It’s a tradition called Oseibo.

So this season, in the spirit of Oseibo, Wagamama want to spread positivity and say thank you in the hope their guests go on to say thank you too. Their aim is to create the biggest chain of festive thanks...

chain of thanks | ramen acts of kindness
The Wagamama restaurant team will be going outside to say ‘thank you’ to members of their local community, whether that’s a local charity, sports team, public service or even a local hero. They will be armed with ramen and a thank you card to spread positivity.

‘give the gift of’ cards
The team will also be gifting their restaurant guests this Christmas too, by giving out festive thanks cards to random guests in the lead up to Christmas. So if you're having a tough day, could use a pick me up or are just one of the lucky few, you could receive a card entitling you to anything from a free drink to a free main meal.